Levy and Wilde: oppression leads to great art

After reading the Levy novel Ruben Sachs I could not help but look into the life and inspiration of the author. It is clear she is writing her work from a feminist perspective and commenting on the patriarchal nature of the jewish family structure and community. We watch her character Judith live and deal with these circumstance which reminded me of Pip’s journey to become a gentlemen only Pip did not have to face the discrimination based on religion and gender. Because of this I did not want to make the coming of age comparison, but thought of the inspiration of Wilde’s work. When he writes it is with such passion to be understood and I feel the same sense in Levy’s work as well. The two knew each other and Wilde published Levy’s poems and short stories in his publication Women’s World. I find their relation intriguing and picture the two spending days talking about what it is like to be hated and outcast from society because of something fundamental about their existence. It is interesting to me that during the same time two people who face such different form of oppression knew each other and were helping the other create.I wonder if great art has to come from a lace of pain and outsiderness, or is it this lonely feeling that allows writers to reflect on the world around them?

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