Incestuous love: The case of the forbidden love

In Wuthering Heights, we are introduced to Heathcliff who is adopted into the Earnshaw family. Although Catherine Earnshaw was not fond of his presence in the beginning, she did begin to have a hold on Heathcliff and their love for each other became more than sisterly love. Heathcliff is tormented of the life he could have had with Catherine and he destroys anything good or might seem happy in his path in retaliation to how his life turned out after being taken in by a wealthy caucasian family. In Reuben Sachs, we are introduced to Reuben’s familial line. Reuben is a part of a prominent Jewish family in a mainly Jewish community. His uncle by marriage, Israel Leuniger, adopted a girl by the name of Judith Quixano who is Israel’s sister’s daughter. Reuben returns from a six-month journey and visits the Leuniger household and can not keep his eyes off of Judith. This relates back to Wuthering Heights as it displays a courtship between two young lovers and their love for one another despite their familial ties.

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