The Relation of Religion

While reading Gosse’s Father and Son, I noticed that Gosse’s father reminded me of Joseph from Wuthering Heights. Both of these people affiliate themselves with religion and Christianity and express their devotion to it; notably, they both insert their religious beliefs into discussions in order to make sense of an occurrence they are unsure of. For instance, Nelly notices that Mr. Earnshaw has become more quiet and reserved than he used to be. She notes that Joseph explains this occurrence and observes, “Joseph affirms he’s sure he’s an altered man: that the Lord has touched his heart, and he is saved ‘so as by fire.'” Hence, Joseph brings religion into the conversation, even though there is no evidence that it belongs there in the first place. Gosse’s father also brings religion into the conversation in an attempt to come to terms with the new scientific beliefs about the world’s creation. Instead of conforming to the new ideas presented, he creates a new theory of his own that includes the ideas of geology that do not contradict the ideas of Genesis. Moreover, he does this in order to keep his faith and Christianity included in the conversation. Thus, both of these people are defensive of their religious beliefs and will defend them no matter what the apposing views are; furthermore, they bring religion into a conversation in order to justify something they cannot explain, even if there is no evidence of there being any relation between the topic and religion.

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