The Concept of Religion During the Victorian Era

As seen in many of the pieces we have read this semester, religion was a large part of the Victorian Era. The father in Father and Son based many of his beliefs on science and realized that “there had been experienced an ever-increasing discord between the facts which geology brings to light and the direct statements of the early chapters of ‘Genesis’.” He believed that life started because of evolution. Therefore, he wanted to justify geology to godly readers of ‘Genesis’. This was a concept that was just beginning to arise during the Victorian Era. A majority of people believed that God was the sole creator of the Earth and the people who inhabited it. Many people during this era put all of their trust in their religious beliefs. For example, in Wuthering Heights, Joseph was an avid believer in God and based his life around religion. When a portion of a chimney stack fell, “Joseph swung on to his knees, beseeching the Lord to remember the patriarchs Noah and Lot.” This action revealed how much he depended on religion. Although Joseph could be considered an extreme believer, his beliefs represent how much of an influence religion had on people’s lives. Even though the Father and Joseph had different feelings about God and creation, their actions showed that the concept of religion was constantly on people’s minds, regardless of if they believed in it or not.

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