George Eliot and Emily Bronte..

When continuing to read Wuthering Heights, I continue to see just how much control over the woman and what they do that the people in power have. For example, Catherine cannot do anything or see anyone without it being an issue or made into one. I believe that although this may not seem like a major component of the plot it is something that we need to take into account when we are thinking about the time that the story takes place in and the connections in that aspect. This type of control over the woman character’s action in this story is a recurring theme that we see pick up with young Catherine as well. A very interesting connection that crossed my mind that may not have come up for others is a connection to George Eliot and her writings about women’s place in society. I was thinking back to the discussion in class we had about how your perception of the writing could be altered when you know the gender of the person who is writing it. We connected this idea to the Eliot’s writings and how we were surprised that she would write about woman in that way. This helped me make a connection with that fact that Emily Bronte is writing as a woman in that time period and always putting woman in an almost secondary-like position. Each female character in the story was constantly under a microscope, similar to woman in society during this time period. Catherine was expected to act a certain way and as we progressed in the novel we see the same theme with little Catherine and who she was allowed to keep in her company. I think that was an interesting connection to make since female writers often write with the female characters not in power because is what they are used to and that is what has been normalized for society in that time period.

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