Confinement within their oppression

In Wuthering Heights, we can see the abuse that Heathcliff projects onto Hareton and Linton when he uses his revenge from all the other people around him treated him poorly. For example, Hareton, Hindley’s son, was raised by Heathcliff after Hindley had died. Hindley was abusive, callous, and cruel towards Heathcliff as soon as he came home with his father. It could have been jealousy and purely racism because Heathcliff is described to be a ‘dark-skinned gypsy’. Hindley used his power against Heathcliff at a young age and because of this, Heathcliff used all his anger and held in tension to make Hareton’s life miserable. This reminds me of the poem, The Chimney Sweeper; not because the speaker was forced to do things they didn’t want to or was treated aggressively due to a result of revenge but because of the tone of the poem. The speaker whom I am assuming is a child, has to do a dangerous job to help their family, however, the speaker is describing death and how it’s hanging over them because of the dangers of this unwanted job. The speaker proceeds to call out for their parent and talks about heaven and in Wuthering Heights, Hareton and Linton have to suffer the wrath of Heathcliff and this is all because their parents have died.

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