What I Hope to Learn This Semester

Like many others taking this course, Victorian-era literature is not something that I am well versed in or have a significant understanding of. Although along the way I have a read a couple of Victorian novels (Dracula and A Christmas Carol), I read them without having any understanding of what Victorian literature is; I just knew they were classic novels. So I suppose my hopes for this course, is to have an understanding of what constitutes Victorian literature. Obviously it is mainly characterized by the time period the works were produced in, but I’m interested to see if there are any similarities between the literature, such as themes and influences. Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde are two authors whose works I am excited to read, they are very revered and I think getting introduced to their works are important for me as an English major. I hope to maintain an interest in the literature throughout the semester, and I am excited to establish my own ideas about the Victorian Era.

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