What do you hope to learn about Victorian literature this semester?

Primarily, I am excited to reread Great Expectations by Charles Dickens which is a novel that I explored in my early years of high school. It will be interesting to tackle different themes and notice details that a high school Sophomore would skip over, or be too naïve to pick up on. Besides that, I haven’t had much, or any experience with the other texts mentioned in the syllabus. I’ve never read Brontë or Tennyson or even Oscar Wilde, and as an English major, I feel like those names are widely known in the ‘literature community,’ so I’m kind of a ‘disappointment’ in that regard. I’ve enjoyed the literature, but I think it will be good for me to become more well-rounded and knowledgeable by exploring Victorian Literature.

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  1. Georgia VanDerwater

    I honestly have very little experience reading Victorian Literature. I read Wuthering Heights last year, and it was dense but I enjoyed the story and I think the fact that the way it was written was so different from more contemporary novels, made me appreciate the language even more. I’m excited to read more Victorian Literature, and by doing so learn what makes a Victorian piece of writing Victorian. I would like to learn the patterns and the ways they compare to one another– how they differ and why they differ from writings of other time periods.

    I also am always interested in the personal. I enjoy analyzing literary texts, and learning about technique, but I also like to learn about the authors as much as possible. I love to learn what motivates them, how they were educated, what their backgrounds were, etc. There are many ways to learn about writing but I think learning about the personal history of the author is one of the most fun ones for me, so I’m hoping to get to do a little of that at points during the semester– if not in class, then on my own in conjunction with our readings.


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