Judaism During the Victorian Era

While reading Reuben Sachs, a passage about religion stood out to me. On page 24, it states that Lee-Harrison “joined a set of mystics, and lived for three months on a mountain, somewhere in Asia Minor. Now he has come round to thinking Judaism the one religion, and has been regularly received into the synagogue.” While living in the mountains, he realized that Judaism was the religion that he was always meant to be a part of.

As soon as I read that passage in Reuben Sachs, it reminded me of a passage in Agnosticism and Christianity by T.H. Huxley. The author brings up the point that Jesus “said, “Preach the Gospel to every creature.” These words need have only meant “Bring all men to Christianity through Judaism.” Make them Jews, that they may enjoy Christ’s privileges, which are lodged in Judaism.” (paragraph 54) The passages in both of these readings basically say that Judaism is the true religion that will help people to live a fulfilling life. Although many Victorian Era pieces seemed to bring up Christianity, many of them did not mention Judaism. These two readings prove that Judaism was a large part of many people’s lives during the Victorian Era.

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