Jailbird Blues

From what I’ve gathered in both the texts, The Ballad of Reading Gaol and De Profundis by Oscar Wilde, is that the speaker is being kept inside of jail cell. However, I believe that this ‘jail cell’ is a metaphor for the entrapment of depression. When one is in this state, they detach themselves, becoming someone they aren’t. In the poem, when it repeats that ‘the man killed his love’, I believe that this is a representation of who ‘he’ is and all ‘he’ has lost; his desires, his dreams, his fortune. Although this can be read literal, I choose to see my interpretation as the correct path as it relates to any reader who reads these texts. When looking back at our semester’s catalog of texts, I think back to every text we have read, as it gives off this dark ominous theme that leaves characters and the audience feeling sorrow and gloom.

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