Love is an orphan

We gain insight from orphans throughout a series of texts such as; “Great Expectations”, “Wuthering Heights”, and “The Chimney Sweeper”. What each orphan has in common is the lack of love they receive from their love interests and/or even their adopted families. I choose to include “The Chimney Sweeper” because I remember in class, one of my peers mentioned that because the child was dying slowly from the harsh labor and pains they were going through, and calling out for their parent’s whose whereabouts were unknown, that the speaker’s parent might be in heaven as the poem does include a lot of religion remarks. It also makes the readers think about how a parent could ever let their child do something dangerous while they are off doing who knows what. In “Wuthering Heights”, Heathcliff is tortured by not only his adopted family but by his first and only love, Catherine. Catherine at first did not like him when he first came to live with her and her family, however, she had grown to love him up until she had stayed with the Linton’s, to where her personality changed and so did her feelings for Heathcliff. In “Great Expectations”, we see how Pip was raised by his sister Mrs. Joe and her husband, the blacksmith, Joe. Mrs. Joe was callous towards Pip and was abusive.

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