A series of unfortunate events

In “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, as Pip grows up, we start to see a change in his personality. We also start to see how social class is significant during this era and a popular topic in Victorian literature. In “Great Expectations”, Pip comes from a lower-class family and Miss Havisham and Estella seem to be from a higher class order. Pip and his guardians, Joe and Mrs. Joe, are excited to be taken under Miss Havinshaw’s wings, however, it all seems to be a ruse. It seems like Miss Havinshaw is training Estella to be a heartbreaker as she was heartbroken by her ex-fiance of lower-class status when he was in alliance with her brother and left her at the alter and took her share. Since she had fallen in love with this man and was used for her money, Miss Havinshaw’s revenge is taken up through another vessel, Estella, whom she adopted, and chose the target for her; Pip, a young man from a lower-class family; a family that would be ecstatic to have been given such good fortune after series of unfortunate events. We can connect this to “Wuthering Heights” because Heathcliff had been a victim of pure hatred and he became the benefactor of revenge through these occurrences and experiences Just as Pip’s personality is shaping into something that he has only seemed to experience.

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