Mrs.Joe Gargery and Catherine Earnshaw

As I was writing “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens I noticed that the aggression and reversed gender roles of Pip’s older sister reminded me a lot of Catherine Earnshaw. Like Catherine, she has the ability to assert control over men, and has a certain hardness to her that contests quite extremely with Joe Gargery, similar time Edgar and Catherine’s relationship. Edgar could be described as much more submissive compared to Catherine, and was used for his wealth, similar to Joe. Parenting wise, Pip’s sister is considered selfless for taking Pip in and adopting him as her own, but the way in which she takes care of him is as if he will alwyas owe her, which is probably how Catherine would’ve acted with Cathy if she had not died as soon as Cathy was born. Cathy does though get this sort of treatment by Heathcliff.

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