Tonal Difference between Darwin & Huxley

Between Darwin’s Origin of Species and Huxley’s “Agnosticism and Christianity”, I immediately noticed a difference in tone which contributes to the style of persuasion implemented in the essays. In Darwin’s, the tone is more straightforward and analytical. His statements are supported by statistics and evidence such as when he employs specific numbers of seeds in the section “Geometrical Ratio of Increase”. Most of the information Darwin offers is objective and supported. When he inserts his opinion, he softens it with an opener such as “I believe” or remains firm yet even in his presentation of the information. Huxley on the other hand includes language that is more assertive. He claims that agnostics “have not the courage to declare themselves ‘Infidels'” and that faith is an abomination. The inclusion of this charged language suggests the use of pathos in his argument.

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