Survival of the fit

In The Origins of Species by Natural Selection, Darwin argues that the growing population is kept in check by features such as geography and natural resources. Together, the two will never allow for an infinite number of people, animals, or other species to survive. In turn, there is a struggle of the fittest competition that requires species to fight and adapt to survive. This reminds me of Wuthering Heights, because Heathcliff starts out as a weak orphan in the cycle of survival of the fittest. Orphaned and alone, he is then adopted by the Earnshaw’s. He goes from orphan to rich and defies the odds with his revengeful power struggle to reach the top. In order to survive in the power hungry and materialistic world, Heathcliff was required to adapt and fight. Darwin also suggests that “all organisms start from a common origin”, but is this true in the case of racism? In Wuthering Heights we see that class and race create a major divide giving some power to some and creating a “kingdom” which Hindley was not warmly welcomed into.

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