The World is Our Kingdom, but Do We Know the Players?

In Darwin’s, “On the Origin of Species”, it says, “all organisms start from a common origin. If we look even to the two main divisions—namely, to the animal and vegetable kingdoms—certain low forms are so far intermediate in character that naturalists have disputed to which kingdom they should be referred” (Paragraph 9). This can connect to Wuthering Heights in a way. IF we think about the issues within the Victorian era throughout this novel, we can deeply analyze the interactions between Heathcliff and Hindley. Race is a big part of this novel (in my opinion) and it’s influenced Heathcliff greatly. As the quote says, “all organisms start from a common origin”, how come racism appears to diminish this concept in the minds of the racist Caucasians within not only this novel but also in our society as it still does exist and spreads all throughout the world? We see how class and race create a divide in these two worlds as one seems to think they are superior than the other creating their fortune and higher status in the world; their kingdom.

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