Heathcliff is The Steam King

In the poem, “The Steam King” one passage in particular reminds me of Heathcliff’s decline and eventual death. “Those hells upon earth, since the Steam Kings birth / have scatter’d around despair; / For the human mind for heaven design’d, / With the body, is murdered there.” For Heathcliff, he has considered the moors hell on earth, ever since Catherine passed away. From the beginning, with their tumultuous relationship continually causing his high emotions, that regularly ended in despair. Also, at the end, he starts to refuse food, and spend his last days alone. Presumably, he was in a state of despair, but also like the third line his mind was designed for Heaven, which he considers to be Catherine. Although more indirectly, he does murder himself in a way. As he assures that Nelly knows his burial wishes, stops eating, and stays to himself, he lets himself die. Heathcliff’s happiness revolves solely around Catherine, and ever since her passing, he has lived in a deep sadness that spiraled continually. The last line of that stanza also specifies that the body has died, which is interesting because Catherine’s ghost is always looming, and after Heathcliff’s death, his is also spotted among the moors. 

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