Heathcliff and the chimney sweeper

One connection I made was between Wuthering Heights and The Chimney Sweeper was the parallel between Heathcliff and the chimney boy. Heathcliff and the young boy have many similarities. The boy in The Chimney Sweeper is described as a “black thing among the snow” who is crying and being asked where his parents are. We also see Heathcliff facing a similar situation, Heathcliff is an orphaned child defined by his skin color and seen as devilish. Both are rejected by their families and society. The line from The Chimney Sweeper “They clothed me in the clothes of death” describes how both characters are destined to a miserable life ultimately resulting in death. Neither character ever knows love and they are both forced to face life’s hardships alone starting at a young age. The line “Who make up a heaven of our misery” is similar to how Heathcliff tries to make his miserableness disappear by trying to force Catherine to love him to take away from his pain, even being buried next to her after his death. Both characters are seeking happiness and acceptance, unable to find either.  

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