The Inheritance of Love and Revenge

We see how these star-crossed lovers (Heathcliff and late Catherine)have marked their love history and how it seems to repeat now with the Young Catherine (heir to the late Catherine) and Linton (heir to Heathcliff). We can connect this back to how I started to notice the affection Hareton and Cathy had at first but then, after all, the negative and unjust behavior Cathy receives from Linton, she apparently is “in love” with Linton within Chapter 29. This reminds me of the love triangle that Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar had going on. IF you think about it, although they all weren’t blood-related, they were all brothers and sisters. Edgar being Catherine’s brother because Cathy was raised for a time by the LIntons and Catherine being Heathcliff’s sister because Heathcliff was adopted into the family when he was a young boy. Then we have the new love triangle that consists of actual cousins, Cathy, Hareton, and Linton. Not only do we see the inheritance of love here but we also seem to see the inheritance of revenge as young Catherine spites Heathcliff by playing him at his own game. That and Linton who has been raised by Heathcliff now is conforming his personality to be that of his father’s.

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