outspoken women

A connection I made was the powerful stance that both Emily Bronte and Harriet Martineau take on. Both women are writing during times when society was male dominated, yet don’t hesitate to voice their opinions and take issues head on. Both of their writings depict strong, passionate women. Catherine a motherless child trying to make the best in a world filled with hate, defying the norms by being free spirited and socially ambitious. Catherine seeks to love whoever she pleases much like Martineau wanted to empower women to do. Martineau writes “I declare that whatever obedience I yield to the laws of the society in which I live is a matter between, not the community and myself, but my judgment and my will.” I think that both women want to represent themselves as individuals and rise above people trying to hold them down, the only difference is that Bronte’s views are depicted through a character, and Martineau’s first hand feelings.

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