Isabella: The Underrated Character

I think one of the most underrated characters in Wuthering Heights is Isabella. In these chapters, we see her leave Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights with her child on her own. Although we never really know what happens in her time away, since she took the initiative to move off and be independent, she broke such strict gender roles. Likewise, Harriet Martineau wrote and advocated for women and their freedom. Specifically, this quote stood out to me in relation to Wuthering Heights: “That woman has power to represent her own interests, no one can deny till she has been tried. The modes need not be discussed here: they must vary with circumstances.” I feel this relates to Isabella and her specific situation, because in this instant, she really took her own interests as her priority. She did not embrace the traditional housewife role, she was brought up to be. Rather, she put herself and her child first, and took a leap of faith that nobody could deny her of.

Overall, Isabella embraces the roles Harriet Martineau writes about. Even though we may never get the full scope of how Isabella’s life went on after she left, the readers do understand that she must have made a way for herself and child. She took herself out of the toxic situation, and put her own interests first.

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