Heathcliff Incarnate?

Heathcliff’s son Linton seems so unlike his father in physical appearance that one might not even believe they are related. His blonde hair and physical ailments lead us as readers to believe he isn’t anything like the absent father figure. However, in a heated argument with Cathy regarding the topic of love, we see a side of Linton we hadn’t previously seen. Linton admits that he believes if the two were husband and wife, Cathy would love him more than anyone else (something he evidently wants). Cathy tells him she will lover her father more than anyone, which irritates Linton. Further in the argument, Linton tells Cathy that her mother hated her father but loved his. This infuriates Cathy who pushes Linton’s chair, causing him to fall and have a coughing fit. This event unleashes Linton’s hidden personality where he blames Cathy, won’t accept her apology, and wishes her a terrible night sleep thinking on her cruel actions.

Does this remind anyone of a certain someone who blamed Catherine for breaking his heart and wouldn’t accept her apology, even as she was clearly dying? Linton however, later apologizes to Cathy and admits that she is kind and he is deeply in love with her. He also admits that he cannot help but show his darker nature but regrets his words towards her and wants to make up for it. This, to me at least, shows he isn’t like Heathcliff at all. He recognizes his faults and wants to do right by Cathy.

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