Connexions, week of 9/16

One character in “Wuthering Heights” I find particularly interesting is Mrs Heathcliff, the widow. Her introduction in chapter 2 makes her out to be particularly cold and rude. But what I find fascinating about her, and what I believe connects her to the texts of Martineau that we read last week, is her refusal to acquiesce in the face of domineering males. Mrs Heathcliff is a widow, and a young one at that, and yet, rather than spend her days feeling sorry for herself or attempting to remarry, she instead lives in the home of her father-in-law. When our narrator, Lockwood, attempts to help her with the slightest of house chores, she turns upon him viciously, scolding him, and asserting her independence. Indeed, it appears as if her desire not to be dominated by her male peers goes so far that she is willing to come across as rude and inhospitable if it means asserting her independence.

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