With all the pieces we have read so far, I consistently see a theme of mistreatment of the lower class. In Wuthering Heights, it is demonstrated by the poor child who is referred to as “it” and banished to the stairs by the family he is staying with, and eventually they deem him unworthy of their house and he is forced back out to the streets. My heart breaks for the poor child lost and alone in the world and seen as nothing because he comes from poverty. This is also seen in The Chimney Sweeper, yet again another child is neglected and forced to fend for themselves. Without parents the chimney sweeping child is forced to live in the streets due to his social class. There is also mistreatment in Wuthering Heights when Hindley uses the rules of class (male inheritance) on Heatcliff to deny him social status as well as an education. In turn, this forced Heathcliff into another, lower, class. Throughout the readings we can see the power higher classes hold always leads to mistreatment and neglect of lower classes forcing them to stay in poverty with no remorse. The less fortunate lower classes are never treated with respect or taken seriously, and left to live life struggling.

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