Connections in Readings

One theme that we tend to see constantly throughout most of the literature we analyze in this class is the criticism of politics in society. This is why it is important that we understand the context of when these different types of literature were written. The reason why I chose this connection amongst the writings as particularly interesting is because it has been a very pertinent topic in the writing of Harriet Martineau and Carlyle. They both go in depth on describing society and the political climate of the world around them. Harriet Martineau discusses the impact of the “governments power” in Society in America. I believe the idea of greed and power is touched on briefly in both writings. Carlyle in his own way and own style of writing discusses the greed of those that have wealth and power. The reoccurring issue that they feel they can do as they please without taking into account other peoples situations in the same society. Carlyle mentions a society where there is wealth all around yet there is still pain and suffering. This aligns with Martineau’s ideals in the fact that the government has so much power to correct society yet they use their power for greed.

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