What I hope to learn this semester

To be completely honest, I know absolutely nothing about the Victorian era or the literature that comes along with it. This course fit into my schedule, fulfills one of my English requirements, and I enjoyed my English course last semester with Dr. Schacht, so here I am. On that note, I have high expectations for this course because I can only go up from here when it comes to my knowledge on this subject.

When Dr. Schacht asked us to share our favorite piece of literature from the Victorian era in class, nothing came to mind because I’m not even sure what makes a piece of literature Victorian. However, when the other people in the class started mentioning different works I did recognize a few such as Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, and Charles Dickens. Overall, I’m looking forward to learning about this time period as a whole because I’ve never taken a course that focuses on this subject alone. What makes this time period so unique and why is it beneficial for me to learn? Since my major and passion is education, I’m also excited to make connections between education during the Victorian age and what I’m learning in my classes about education today.

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