What I Hope to Learn About Victorian Literature

When I originally added this course, it was in a bit of a panic because I was enrolled in another course that fit poorly into my schedule. Towards the end of add/drop week, upon noticing there was only one spot left in this course, I added it on an impulse. I didn’t know anything about Victorian literature. The reason I decided to keep it in my schedule and give it a try was because of the promise of connecting literature and science in the course description. I have a vested interest in this above all else; I am an English major on the pre-medical track, and throughout my college years, I have been trying to collect reasons and develop an explanation for why I, a non-STEM major, am still ideally suited for my desired career. I am very much interested in the intersection between the arts and STEM, and how academic work in each of these fields is beneficial to the other. This semester, I am hoping to learn what differentiates Victorian literature from that of other eras, as well as continue to analyze and understand why the fields of STEM and the arts have each been essential to the other throughout history.

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