What I Hope to Learn About Victorian Literature

My experience with Victorian Literature is very limited thus far but, reading that one of the major themes of the period includes ‘science vs. religion’ was of interest to me. During this time period, advances in scientific knowledge left people to revise what they believe about their human experience. For example, ideas like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution sparked debates about Christianity in the United Kingdom. This philosophical aspect of the novels draws me in. I hope that these Victorian writers’ ideas about life and mankind’s destiny/purpose in the world help open me to new philosophical perspectives to consider myself. Additionally, I think that literature from the Victorian Era can be relevant to our lives today because similarly to today, the second half of the nineteenth century was a time in which huge efforts were made to connect humanity. With the increased connection comes plenty disconnection in society and within ourselves. This is why I hope that reading the perspectives of Victorian Era writers and characters can shine light on why there is a disconnect midst peak connection and help me address any disconnected feelings of my own in a society facilitated/ruled by advanced technology.

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