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Connection on Readings Blog Post

In Thomas Carlyle’s Captains of Industry, government is brought up a lot in the first few paragraphs. In summary, it states how government can help but cannot do it all, and how government is a direct symbol of the people. My first thoughts while reading the assigned passages for Tuesday were woman and gender roles. I tied this to Carlyle’s excerpt because of the connecting aspect “government”. Specifically in this weeks readings, how women were treated under the government, as Marineau speaks a lot about. The governments actions were unfair and unjust towards women. It is clear that the principle of equal rights stemmed from the governmental authority and people the women didn’t have much influence over it. Harriet Marineau’s voice in this piece discusses discriminatory ways women were treated and emphasizes that freedom was her right that she was not collecting on. Mill speaks on government in Martineau’s piece when he sates, “one thing is pretty clear; that all those individuals, whose interests are involved in those of other individuals, may be struck off without inconvenience…In this light, women may be regarded, the interest of almost all of whom is involved, either in that of their fathers or in that of their husbands.” Gender roles is something we talked about discussing early on in class with Victorian Literature, so it is interesting to start to see the small pattern between pieces come to light. Here, women representation is being dictated be men. I am interested to see the themes of equality overall, not just with regard to women of this time, but also race, as we spoke about race aspects in Thomas Carlyles Democracy reading.

What I hope to learn about Victorian literature

Truthfully, I know nothing about Victorian Literature. However, prior to registering for this course, I did just a little bit of research. I have come to learn that this literature came before a time of romanticism and was followed by a time of realism. As I didn’t learn much from my few google searches, I would first really like to dig into what Victorian literature really is. Why is it classified as Victorian literature? It it just the time period it was written in that allows it to fall under this category? Or, is it the themes portrayed or style of writing? I would love to learn about the connection between Victorian Literature and what exactly about it led to a time of realism. Additionally, what changed in the time of romanticism to bring about this specific type of literature? It would be interesting to explore the hard work and perseverance characteristics, that google also informed me were typical of this era, and see how things have evolved in comparison to modern day. Lastly, what did Queen Victoria do that she had an entire era of literature named after her?