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Make a connection

In SOCIETY IN AMERICA, Harriet Martineau brought some issues that dealt with women’s rights and lack of freedom in government laws, policies, and their own freedom. This passage mostly referred to the government vs. all women. However, this is a social construct between men and women as Thomas Carlyle describes the differences in social class and its order in society within his excerpts Sartor Resartus. These two themes are connected because it displays the rules of the world and society to have a dominant group and a subordinate group. The dominant group being the more ‘normalized’ or ‘superior’ to other groups. Leaving the subordinate group to fend for themselves or be treated as less equal and important.

What do you hope to learn about Victorian literature this semester?

When adding this course, I had no clue what Victorian Literature was. What I hope to learn by the end of this semester is the [historical] context behind what makes these different pieces, victorian literature. I want to have a better understanding because not only would that help me as a future educator, it will also help me as an individual as it will get me reading into a different line of work, a different genre than what I am used to. From some of the victorinan literature examples I have heard of in our previous class, I seem to like the writing style and thats important when finding an engaging read (especially for prospective students).